Monday, November 22, 2010

3rd Annual Thanksgiving Celebration


Last Thursday, we had our 3rd Annual Thanksgiving Celebration with our home school group.  It was a little smaller group this year but we still had around 70 people there all together. 

This is a time where the kids are put into 6 groups and rotate around to 6 different stations learning something about Thanksgiving and making Thanksgiving crafts. 

The weather was beautiful so we couldn’t of asked for a better day.  Candi opens up her home and has everything ready and festive for the occasion each year.  Thanks Candi…Love you :)

Pilgrim Info Station

Tiany lead this station.  She did a fantastic job teaching the children about the first Thanksgiving.  Also, the kids had sticker sheets to create their very own Thanksgiving scene.


PB170072 PB170151

PB170076 PB170150

Thanksgiving Picture Frame Station

Candy was the leader of this station along with her daughter, Kaylee.  The children made Fall themed picture frames.  Candi took their pictures at the Pilgrim Hat Station so they could put them in their frame.

PB170010 PB170106

PB170063 PB190031

 Pumpkin Info Station


Amanda (she’s a sister to one of our homeschool moms who comes and helps out at many of our activity.) graciously accepted to lead this station for me.  She is a librarian and I knew she would do an excellent job.  Boy, she went above and beyond for our children.  She made up different charts and games for our children to learn all about pumpkins.  Thanks Amanda!

PB170016 PB170111

PB170044 PB170046

Butter/Flour Station

Mrs. Starr lead this station where the kids made butter and ground flour.  They got to take turns shaking the cream until it turned into butter.  Mrs. Starr squeezed out the buttermilk and served the butter on her delicious homemade bread.  Also, the kids learned about how wheat is turned into flour.  They got to use a hand grain mill to grind some flour and see how an electric mill works.

PB170031 PB170128

PB170036 PB170041


PB170142 PB170146

Pilgrim Hats Station

Rachel lead the pilgrim hat station.  The children made two different style hats depending on whether it was for a boy or girl.  Rachel prepared everything for this craft and had other activities for them to do while they waited to rotate to the next station.  She even wore a pilgrim hat while she read them a Thanksgiving book. 

PB170024 PB170087


PB170109a  PB170082

1110 475 1110 467 1110 471 1110 469 1110 470 

Oreo Turkey Station

Mrs. Gina and her daughter Micah lead this station.  At this station, the children made edible oreo turkeys.  This was really yummy station for them because they got to lick their plastic knives when they were finished.  Some chose to eat their turkeys at the table while others took theirs home to enjoy later.

PB170144 PB170021

PB170023 PB170049

PB170053 PB170055


My kids waiting to switch to the next station! 

(Asa napped during our celebration but was awake for lunch and play.)PB170097a

Thanksgiving Feast

A Thanksgiving Celebration isn’t complete without a feast.  Boy, did we have a feast.  Everyone brought food to share and it was bountiful!

PB170155 PB170156

PB170159 PB170160 PB170161


While the older kids were rotating through the stations, the little ones played on the play area while two moms watched them.

PB170020 PB170133

Kaylee with baby sister, Leah


Two cuties :)

PB170099a PB170118a

We had a great time!  I want to thank all of the moms who helped to make this another success.  The ones who worked the stations, the ones who rotated with the children, the ones who watched the play area, and all of the food provided to enjoy.

You can check out Candi’s post to see more pictures from our day.


randomcreativity said...

Thanks for organizing that Amy - it was fun!

momoflots said...

Oh Wow!!! That looks like so much fun!!! I remember the days when I was homeschooling my oldest boys (20 and 18) and how little support there was - now it's so wonderful to have these homeschool groups to help!! I love that my younger kids get the richness of knowing other homeschool families!! (I did eventually find other homeschool families with my older ones - it was just harder :0)!!) said...

It looks like so much fun!