Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Modeling Hats Plus a Giveaway

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine asked me to take pictures of Emma and Sarah wearing some of the hats she had made.  She has a few boutiques who are buying them and she wanted to provide a binder with the selections for those who placed orders for other hats than were at the store.  She started making these hats/beanies and gets more creative each day she makes them.  I’m always getting emails of pictures of a new hat she has made. 

PB080008a PB080015a PB080019a

 PB080023a      PB080035a

PB080045a PB080050a PB080065a

Emma and Sarah didn’t last very long so I had to come up with a different model which is why you see Pooh.  Also, Sarah was actually sick during this session so she that is why I wasn’t able to get any smiles but she wanted me to take her picture:)

PB080082a PB080087a PB080091a PB080098a

PB080104a PB080118a PB080117a

PB080123a            PB080130a

She’s actually made some for boys but the selection is not as big as the one for girls.

PB080068a            PB080069a

PB080071a    PB080079a

These are interchangeable flower beanies.  You select the color beanie you want and you can pick different color flower clips that clip on the beanie.

PB080136a photo PB080152a

Below is a photo album of other hats she has made since we took the pictures taken with her iPhone.  There are girls and boys hats in the album.  The tiny ones you see on the water bottles were made for babies in the NICU.  She made these to donate for these special blessings but can be made in larger sizes.

Have you asked where’s the giveaway?  Well, my friend is going to make one of these hats of your choice for one lucky blessed person who enters the giveaway.  You will be able to pick any style of the hats and select the colors you would like too.


1.  Simply leave me a comment for one entry.

2.  Blog about this giveaway and you will get a second entry.  Leave a link to your post in your comment.

Please leave a comment for each entry. 

This giveaway will end next Tuesday, November 30th.


kerrie said...

those are super cute, where does she sell them?

Anonymous said...

Those are cute. I have tried to knit and crochet but I'm not coordinated enough for it, lol.

Tiffany Williams said...

I think it's awesome that she donates to the NICU :) These are adorable and anyone would be blesses to win one. Thanks for the giveaway:)

Amy C said...

Very cute hats and even cuter models!

Anonymous said...

I love them! And Andrew came home from the NICU with a little knitted hat - it was precious and we felt blessed that there were people who cared enough to take the time to complete such a project for someone they didn't even know. So sweet!

Mom2Da'Gorgeouses said...

Love it! I crochet, but I'd love to learn how to knit. Da'Gorgoueses also came home w/ cute little knitted hats from their almost 15 week NICU stay! :) Hugs & Blessings!

Mrs. Pat said...

I am with randomcreativity. I can quilt but when I have tried to knit or crochet it is a disaster. They are just too cute.

The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

These are absolutely adorable. I would love to have one for my Katie Bug!!!
And those models...they are a cute bunch of kids! I will have to get their autograph next time I see them! ;)

The Munck Family said...

Oh so precious!!!! Please enter me :-)

Looks like your camping trip was fun, I'm finally playing blog catch up after 3 weeks.

Taryn said...

I love the pictures of your kiddos modeling these cute hats!! It's too bad you have to offer a free hat to get me to comment.... I have been such a SLACKER!! :-)

The Mayo Family said...

Awe...so sweet! Yes, please enter me (us).
We are also 'catching-up' glad I stopped over.
You have such a sweet family.

Cinnamon said...

I just saw your reminder, thank you!

I love these hats!! My dtr made a camo one for Granton last year and it came out sooo cute but it's too small for him now~

So definitely enter me~ Cinnamon

jessicadyer said...

I want a cute hat for Ava. Btw Dod has a shop in Zachary that she is sewing for. I'll ask her the name of the shop. this might be a good place for your friend to check.

Allison said...

I feel the same as Taryn. LOL

here is my blog entry.


Zelda said...

So cute, I love the ones with the flowers!