Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Going Primitive

Guess what?

Rob went to the bathroom late last night to find that we have no running water!  Yes, that’s right…no water.  That means we can’t flush the toilets, take showers/baths, wash dishes, wash clothes, etc.  This will be an interesting day (I hope it is just a day!).

Rob called the water company to report our situation.  He had taken a shower earlier so we know it was working at that point.  The water company came out in the middle of the night and found that we had water spewing from the out of the ground in the area where the plumbers tied into at the front of the yard.  It looks like the dirt hadn’t settled enough and from all the rain we got yesterday it collapsed on the water line. 

Rob’s got to call the plumbers this morning.  Hopefully, they will be able to come out today and fix it.  Plus, we hope that is covered under there previous work and that it doesn’t cost us a lot of out of pocket. 

I needed to start cooking today for a home school activity on Thursday and there were still laundry to finish from our camping trip.  Doesn’t look this will be happening right now until we get water again.  This should be fun not being able to flush and such with 10 people in the house.  Of course, one of them is expecting so she needs to go more often than normal.  Maybe we should go dig us a hole in the backyard so we can be really primitive :)

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Cinnamon said...

Sounds like you are back camping :-0 Ugh, Thankfully all is back on~