Monday, November 15, 2010

Can't believe!

I need to be saying, "Don't Cry Over Split (Milk) Diet Coke!" Yes, I can't believe I spilt a diet coke all over the keypad of my netbook Saturday. It stopped working but I am drying it out right now. Hopefully, it will work again very soon.
Just wanted to let you know that is why you won't be seeing much of me right now. It was the computer I used for everything especially blogging. It was very convenient to take with me anywhere inside or outside of the house. My other computer is not as friendly for that since I need to be with my children and it is in my room.
I have several post that I would like to do but it isn't as easy/convenient on my regular computer. Hopefully, I will be able to share them with you soon. Also, I won't be able to comment on the blogs that I keep up with and if and when I get my netbook working my feed list will be out of control for me to try and catch up. Just letting you know in case you wonder why you're not hearing me.


Tiany said...

This is my worst nightmare, I think about it every time I bring a drink anywhere near my Macbook. You just solidified it for me, no more drinks within a 10 foot radius of my computer!! lol Praying it dries and all works fine.

The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

Oh sorry! I know you aggravated over this!
I will pray for a complete recovering of all of it!

Mountain Mama said...

Dry netbook! Dry!!

Hurry back. We will miss you. said...

Oh how awful!