Saturday, November 13, 2010

We’ve Been Camping


The past few days we’ve been camping with some other families from our church at one of bi-annual camping trips.  It’s been a great time. 

We’re fixing to have our last meal before leaving to head back home.  We’ll be having our traditional chili dogs/hot dogs with our pastor and his wife along with a couple of families this time. 

There will be lots to do once we get home such as putting everything away, many loads of clothes to wash, bath time for all of us (separately of course), cooking for church tomorrow, and supper.  It’s always a lot of work but also a lot a fun.  We have to think about it as a great investment for our kids with mommy and daddy. 

I’ll be posting pictures in the near future when I can find time to get that done.  Hope you’ve had a great weekend!

How have you spent the past few days?


2 comments: said...

So much fun. I had an almost whole day to myself today. It was lovely.

The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

Thinking about that camping trip...that's what I have been up to! ;)
Glad you guys had fun! Like that fire picture!