Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Birthday Celebration

Thursday, my mom, aunt, uncle and Rob’s mom came in to spend several days and celebrate Christmas with us.  Cai’s birthday was Wednesday and my mom’s birthday was Thursday so we went out to eat at Ralph & Kacoo’s for dinner to celebrate.


The fourteen of us at dinner


Nana (my mom) and Cai, Abram and Nana

PC220109 PC220110

Uncle Herbie (my mom’s brother) and Abram, Aunt Pat (my mom’s sister) with Sarah and Emma

PC220111 PC220112 

Grandma Peggy (Rob’s mom) with Tate and Ian, Rob with Asa and Cade

PC220113 PC220115

Rob and I


After dinner, we went back home for cake and presents.

Here’s the two birthday people:

Cai and Nana


Asa with Uncle Herbie, Cade

PC220132 PC220153  

Opening presents

PC220136 PC220138

 PC220142 PC220143

Cake Time

Cai wanted me to make a Chocolate Mint Cake for their birthday.

PC220126  PC220147

Nana enjoying cake and ice cream


Me with Abram


It was a nice evening.  Nana said that it was one of her best birthdays ever!

We did have a little disaster at the restaurant.  We had been plagued with a stomach virus that same week but thought everyone was fine that evening. However right in the middle of dinner, Tate started throwing up all over the table and himself.  It was really gross but we actually were able to contain the situation without others in the restaurant noticing what was going on :)  Not sure if it was the virus (he had already been sick a few days before) or if it was the milkshake he had just prior to going to eat combine with all of the soda he drank!  He was fine after that episode and didn’t get sick again.


Anonymous said...

Wow, sounded like fun till the end. I would not have been able to handle that... LOL

The Munck Family said...

Sounds like a nice birthday...-minus the Tate episode ;0 Looks like everyone had a good time.

Thinking of you and praying your week is going well. Oh and I think blue is your color :)

Cinnamon said...

Your little elf up above is soo cute!! You look great.

I love the picture of you all around the table. So fun to see a crowded table, squeezing all that love in :-)

Hope everyone is better and the sickness has run it's course.