Friday, December 17, 2010

California Pizza Kitchen

Tuesday, we went on a field trip to the California Pizza Kitchen. We had about 33 kids that participated (It was supposed to be 40 but a few had to cancel at the last minute.)along with younger siblings and moms there that day. The kids were able to tour the kitchen and make pizzas.

View from the outside

PC130001 PC130006

PC130010 PC130009

Starting our tourPC130012

PC130013 PC130014

PC130016 PC130015


PC130025 PC130028


PC130033 PC130034

PC130039 PC130042



Emma getting ready to make their pizzas by putting on their rubber gloves.


PC130053 PC130054

PC130055 PC130056

Just hanging out


PC130058 PC130064 PC130066

One of their finished products


Enjoying the fruit pizza of their labor

PC130077 PC130080

PC130081 PC130082


We had so many families interested in this field trip that I scheduled a second trip. Here’s a video that one of our moms made for me to share on with you from their experience. Thanks Kristie for making this little video!

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Jenn said...

Great field trip! I have never been to that pizza place before. Looks so yummy!