Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Out of the Crib

Saturday, we rearranged the girls and Asa’s room.  It was time for him to move out of the crib and into a regular bed.  We normally move them out of the crib around 13-14 months old (Asa’s 16 months old) but we couldn’t figure out what to do with the room.

We don’t want to move Asa upstairs because he’s too little and we don’t want to move the girls to the other extra room downstairs because it’s on the other side of the house. They’re just too young to be that far away.

The big concern for their room was the amount of storage. They have a small closet and we barely have enough room for the clothes for 3 of them much less 4.  We needed a way to keep the storage space we already had and make room for a little more. 

I found a toddler loft bed that was about 2 feet off the ground which would allow for it to go over the drawers they already had in the room so we ordered it.  The Lord knew we were not going to need it because we got an email after Christmas that said that the bed was back ordered until April so we canceled the order.

We had an extra set of bunk beds in the attic but Rob’s mom was using one of the beds in her room.  After Rob’s mom passed away, we decided we could use those beds. 

Here’s the new set-up:

Looking into the room from the hallway


The bunk beds that we added to the room.  Emma is sleeping in the bottom bunk with the top as an extra bed.


The toddler bunk beds:  Sarah moved to the top and Asa moved to the bottom


the crib and diaper changing station


The view looking from the closet toward the door.


This set-up allowed us to keep all of the storage that was already in the room.  Plus, Rob is going to add another pole under the girls clothes in the closet to make room for Asa and baby boy Shelby’s clothes.

We may or may not keep our crib in there since it makes it bulky.  We’re thinking about buying a portable crib instead so that it would take up less space.


Asa sleeping in his new bed during nap time



The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

Glad you guys got it all done! The room looks great, but Asa looks even better and sweeter in that new big boy bed!!!

Mountain Mama said...

Looks great! I always love seeing the toddlers sleep in the "big bed".

Pat said...

It's hard to believe Asa is big enough for that. He seems like he was just born last month. Such a cutie!!

Kelli Z. said...

Question for you... my son is 15 months and I can tell he's starting to want to climb out of the crib. We're thinking about making it into a toddler bed but sometimes for naps he still whines and complains before finally falling asleep. How to manage to keep your son in the crib so that he'll fall asleep? (Basically any advice about the transition would be helpful!)

The Munck Family said...

I love the set up! I haven't ever seen the toddle bunk beds they are great!

When Ruth Ella outgrew her bassinet, we bought her a wooden portable crib. She has done well in it, we purchased it at Babies R us for $100 and then bought a thinker mat for $19...it was the best money ever spent. Another thing I have enjoyed about the bed is that it has wheels and can fit right through the doors. So, he is portable if I'm needing in her room at nap time. I would just wheel her into another bedroom for nap, she has been such a good natured baby.

Now she and Asa are getting so big, how did it happen so fast? Can you believe that they are now 16 months? So fun to watch them grow.

Anonymous said...

Wow... that is a lot in one room. I can't believe he is big!

Gae said...

It is always a challenge moving the baby out of our room and adjusting to the new bedroom with siblings.
Looks like you have done a fabulous job though.
Praying it continues to go well for you
God Bless

Cinnamon said...

Squeezing in one more child is always an interesting challenge:-)

Granton has had his own room in the crib. Of course his room is the size of a walk in closet -teeny tiny!

His crib switches to a toddler bed which we put him into when his crib panel broke. I was amazed that he only fell out of bed once :-)

Now we're just making room for baby to be in our room. I'm looking for a bassinet and changing table. My two splurges with this baby :-)

You look GREAT in the picture with the Govenor!