Friday, January 7, 2011

We’re Back Home

We made it back home last night.  Everything seems like a big blur for the last 2 weeks.  It seems very SURREAL.  This is a word that Rob and I both felt as we were discussing things last night before closing our eyes to sleep.

The last 2 weeks or so seem like they have just been crazy and flown by so quickly.  The week before Christmas our family was struck with a stomach bug.  Then, we had my mom, aunt, uncle, and sister come here for Christmas and Rob’s mom move in all at the same time. 

Exactly one week from the day his mom moved in, we had to call 911 to get her to the hospital because I found her unresponsive with heavy and labored breathing.  Rob and I stayed at the hospital every day and night until she passed away on Sunday night.  Thank you to our friends and family who gave of their time to watch our children while we tended to her at the hospital. 

After she passed away, we left to go to West Monroe in order to make arrangements and had her funeral on Wednesday.  Once again, our family was struck with a stomach bug this week.  It started Tuesday night (night before the funeral) with Cai.  Then during the service, Tate had to leave because he was sick.  After the service, Cade was not feeling well either.  We kept them in a back room along with others either playing outside or napping to keep them away from those who came over to visit and eat after the service.  Cade finally had his turn after everyone had left along with Tate still being sick throughout the night.  Rob started feeling bad the same night but never had their complete symptoms.  My uncle and father got sick the following day.  So far, the rest of us have been doing well and hope that we stay well. 

We’re looking forward to getting back to our “normal” routine and getting things back in order at home (and catching up on our sleep).  Thank you to all of you who have been praying for our family.  I appreciated the comments and the private emails that were sent.  Just wanted to let you know that we are back!

Also, I haven’t been able to comment on a lot of the blogs I keep up with due to the fact that I have had some thing happen to my feeds and they are not updating.  I haven’t had much time to try and figure out the problem.  Know that I am trying to get to your blogs but will have a lot of catching up to do so I hope to do that soon.  


knit1kids4 said...

Oh Amy... how horrible to be so sick in the middle of the mourning.

Continue to pray as you guys get back to the new normal

Cinnamon said...

So glad you're back home. You have had a lot go on. Isn't it amazing how God knows exactly what we need. No need to worry about what will come...HE KNOWS.

You get some rest and put your feet up, if that is possible. Have a cup of tea. May God give you peace and rest.


8)(8 said...

I am so sorry to read that your spouse's mother passed away and that you have all been sick. I will continue to pray.

Here to Serve Him... said...


I'm very sorry for all that you have been going through! Know that I am holding you and your family in my closest prayers! May the Lord be your light and your strength!


Katie said...

I'm am so sorry for your loss. And how awful to have sick kids during such a sorrowful time. I certainly hope everyone is feeling better soon and that 'normal' comes back in a hurry :) - will keep you all in my prayers.

The Munck Family said...

I hope you are now all 100% around there and have caught up on your rest. We continue to pray from ya'll. May the Lord be with you and give you peace.