Friday, February 18, 2011

37 1/2 Weeks Update


Yesterday, I went for my weekly check-up to see my midwife.  It was a good visit with progress since my visit last week.  My Group B Strep test was negative for which I was very thankful.  I had dilated from a fingertip to 2 cm this week.  Yay, that means progress.

My body is preparing for the birthing process and I’m very excited to meet our new little man even though we still don’t have a name:)  I’ll keep you updated!

As far as our week, it has been very crazy around here. 
We decided to paint the inside of the main house besides the addition.  They started Monday on this part and so we have been away from the house during the day all week.  Everything is all moved around.

  I’m thankful to friends who have allowed us to come visit each day and provided meals for us while we were there. (Thank you Laura, Candi, and Allison)  We have eaten out at least once if not twice in a day due to being out of our kitchen and allowing everything to dry well before the kids start bumping into it again.  Today, we have a field trip and park day which works our great.  We are able to get back in the kitchen now so that helps out a lot.  Hopefully, the painters will be done by the end of next week with the entire project which includes the main house and the addition!!!

I was able to get in some extra appointments in for me and one of the children this week in order to catch up on all doctor/dentist appointments before the baby comes.  This means that my friends also helped out watching my children while I was out doing these appointments. Thanks again friends!!! Everything is getting into place ready for baby boy Shelby :)


Jenn said...

Oh wow!!! You are so close. I can't believe how quickly this 9months has flown by. Amazing!

Kristal said...

Nice to have everything in order! Now it's time for baby!

Cinnamon said...

The countdown :-) I can hardly wait to meet your new little one. Seems time has flown by!

Praying for your delivery~ Cinnamon

Mountain Mama said...

Oh Yay! Your baby boy is almost in your arms. So exciting. Praying for a safe delivery and healthy baby.
Get plenty of rest :-)