Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sweet Wishes Field Trip

Last Friday, we went to a gourmet cupcake shoppe called Sweet Wishes for a field trip with our homeschool group, Bayou Cajun Homeschoolers.  It made for a yummy day!

We had so many interested from our group that we had 4 different hour sessions for everyone to participate.  The children were able to decorate their very on cupcake and learn about their business.



P2170006a P2170007a

P2170008a P2170010a


Mrs. Sheetal, one of the owners, lead the field trip for the kids.  She passed out cupcakes to each child so they could decorate them.  While they were decorating, she talked to them about different things.  They learned what a culinarist was during their session.  Mrs. Sheetal asked them to come up with different flavor ideas to see if they would come up with anything that   might be interesting for them to try as one of their flavors.  The kids came up with some interesting ideas such as cotton candy, strawberry banana, donut, and pickle just to name a few. 

Sweet Wishes has over 40 different cupcake flavors.  The kids learned that they make pupcakes and kitcakes for your pets.  They got to see pictures of customers’ dogs enjoying their special treat.  They also do special occasion cupcakes with individual flare weddings, showers, anniversaries, etc.  Sweet Wishes has a lady who hand makes each chocolate candy treat that they top their cupcakes with.  You may see a star,  a banana, a strawberry, a baby, etc depending on the flavor of the cupcake.

P2170022 P2170023

P2170024 P2170025

decorating their cupcakes

P2170026 P2170027


flavors for the day

P2170013a P2170015a P2170016a

I bought some cupcakes for Rob and I to enjoy at home that evening.  We enjoyed heavy duty chocolate, strawberry-filled king cake, bavarian creme filled king cake, red velvet cake, and chocolate white chocolate.  They were all very yummy!

After our session, we went to a near by park for picnic and play.  Those in the morning sessions came after their sessions and some of those that had afternoon sessions joined us at the park beforehand.

Here are some picks of the kids while we waited for others to join us at the park.



P2170038 P2170048 P2170041

P2170043 P2170045 P2170047

It was a beautiful day for February.  The temperature got around 80 degrees.  Great park day but we forgot about sunscreen and suffered sunburns.  Thankfully, I was the one with the worse sunburn instead of the kids.


The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

Sounds like it was a "sweet" field trip! ;)

MMMM!!!! Bavarian creamed filled king cake! My favorite!!! Sounds like the field trip was fun, besides the sunburns.

Candi said...

You got some good pics too.

I love the one of Emma at the park.

Mountain Mama said...

What a fun day!

I would take one of those cupcakes (or 2 or 3...)