Friday, March 25, 2011

Last Saturday…

we went to the Old State Capital of our state, Louisiana with several families from our church.  It is open to the public to tour.  It has a beautiful staircase and ceiling.  Their are statues of some of the past governors, framed pictures of all of the past governors along with our current governor.  There was a podium set up in one of the rooms that allowed you to stand there and watch some of the speeches from some of the governors along with teleprompters so that you can see how they stand there and see their speech rolling along the clear glass instead of them reading from paper.

Unfortunately, I forgot my camera while I was gathering everything for our picnic lunch along with Isaac.  These pictures were provided by Pastor Dale and my husband via his phone.  Thanks Pastor Dale and Rob for providing me with some pictures:)

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Mrs. Pat and her grand-daughter, Ella


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After our tour, we walked down to the levee by the mighty Mississippi River to have a picnic lunch together.

Look at my big boy, Asa.  He is such a big boy now that Isaac is here.  He loves his new little brother, too.  Sweet Abram getting ready to eat his lunch.

IMG-20110319-00291 IMG-20110319-00292

Laura and Cesar


Here are a couple of other families picnicking with us.

IMG-20110319-00293 IMG-20110319-00294

The USS Kid


We had a great time.  It was a beautiful day and time of fellowship.   

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