Saturday, March 26, 2011

Post Office Field Trip

Last Tuesday, part of our homeschool group, Bayou Cajun Homeschoolers, went to the US Post Office Main Office for a tour to learn the ins and outs of the postal system.  Another group from our homeschool group will be touring next week. 

The main office is located across the street from the Federal Court House.

P3210010a P3210046a

Here’s part of our group minus some parents who were taking pictures.

P3210041a Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take pictures inside the post office but we were allowed to take pictures  while we were outside in the back of the post office.

P3210011a P3210016

  Outside there is a mechanic shop where they work on the postal trucks.


These are the different types of carts that the postal workers use to load up the mail for delivery into the sorting cubicles for each postman and to their trucks.

P3210018  P3210017a  P3210020


This orange cart is full of mail for the hearing impaired.  They receive this mail free of charge.


Getting to watch a postman load up his truck and drive off.  While out for delivery, the postal workers are allowed a 10 minute break and a 30 minute lunch break.

P3210034 P3210037

The station manager was explaining to the children why the postal workers carry pepper spray with them.  They use it to protect themselves from dogs that may try to attack them.P3210036a

Going back in for a little more of the tour.


My friend, Allison, carried Isaac around for me while we had the tour.  Doesn’t he look content?

Thanks Allison for your help!!!

P3210042  P3210043a

Some of the boys marching to our vehicles.

P3210044 After our field trip, we went to a local park to play and picnic.

Here’s some of our monkeys.  Look at the homeschool dad enjoying his time at the park.

P3210047a  P3210048

P3210052 P3210053


P3210055 P3210057 P3210059


Just a swinging!

P3210061a P3210062 P3210063


P3210064a P3210065 P3210066!

Ian and Cade actively swinging.

P3210071 P3210072 P3210073

Sarah with her static electricity

4x6-0311 809

Cai at the bottom of the slide.  Plus, Luke, Tate, and Cai hanging out together.

P3210077 P3210078a


We had a great time at the field trip and the park.  Hopefully next week we vwill have great park weather as well because we plan on joining the other group at the park after their field trip for some more picnic and play.


The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

Cool Field trip! I always wanted to tour one! Glad you had fun! The kids looked like they had a ball!

It looks like our Lord blessed you with a Beautiful day for the park!!!


Allison said...

I would hold that little man FOREVER. Felt so good to be holding a little one agian. I always love being with you and your family.