Monday, May 23, 2011

Cai’s Surgery

Friday, Cai had oral surgery to remove an extra tooth in his permanent teeth.  It was not exposed but was only visible via x-rays.  It has already caused one of his permanent teeth to turn almost entirely around the wrong way before it comes through his gums. 

***The same day we found out about Cai’s extra tooth at the dentist (a while back), we also found out that Emma has one, too.  This means we will be doing this again with her when she gets a little older!

Here is Cai getting ready for surgery.  They had already put the oxygen tube up his nose, put on the blood pressure cuff, and the thing on his finger to measure his oxygen. 


We were able to stay back there with him when he got his IV and while they started putting him to sleep (they do it slowly) but we left before he was actually asleep. 

We knew it was finished when we heard him screaming.  That is what he did when he woke up…scream.  It even scared a lady in the waiting area who was waiting to have surgery;)  Rob said, “Is that Cai?”

We ended up having to stay longer than expected because he experienced Syncope from the medicine.

Here he is after we got home.  He just laid in this chair for awhile.  He even took a nap in the chair.  Once he woke up that afternoon, he popped up and was fine.  He took two doses of Children’s Motrin on Friday (only because I was being cautious).  He hasn’t had any medicine since that night.  He has done great!


This is the extra tooth that was cut.


This was Cai this morning.  He said this is a picture of him with stitches.  As you can tell, most of his swelling is gone.


Thanks for the prayers!


The Munck Family said...

So happy it all went well, and he is now on the mend! What a sweet smile he has:)

Cinnamon said...

yikes! did you tell him what a brave boy he is? braver than i :-/

glad that is over with and he is looking and feeling better :-)

nbwt = nursing baby while typing :-)