Saturday, May 14, 2011

Kleinpeter Production Plant Field Trip


Last Friday, Bayou Cajun Homeschoolers had their first field trip that were for older kids.  We’ve started adding in field trips that are designed for our older children so that they can have the experiences.  This will be in addition to our monthly field trips/activities for everyone.

  They went to the Kleinpeter Dairy Production Plant in which they got to tour the inside of the facility.  The owner, Mr. Bud Kleinpeter,  took them on the tour. (I hope his name is correct because this is per my children..wink, wink.  I do know that his grandfather was the original owner of the plant.)  The moms said he did an incredible job for the children.

The children were able to see the ins and outs of what takes place in order to process the milk, to bottling, and then ready for the stores.  The plant had a lot of regulations that had to be followed such as no one under 6 years old, a limit of 50 people, and no cameras for pictures inside the plant. 

The children enjoyed getting to see the process of making the plastic gallon jugs.  They watched the hot plastic go down a tube into the mold, hot air puffed into it, and then BAM a container. (I wasn’t at the field trip because I stayed home with the little ones but my four older children went and told us all about it.)

These field trips make for a great opportunities for reports.  My oldest three had to write a report to tell daddy all about what they learned and enjoyed about this field trip. 

Kleinpeter also makes ice cream but that part of the facility was too small for the group to tour.  However, all of the kids were given a cup of ice cream to enjoy at the end of their trip.

Here’s the group from that day with the owner surrounding the Kleinpeter cow that sits out in front of the plant so that people can stop and take pictures:



Tracy said...

We wanted to go there when we lived there and never did.

Cinnamon said...

You take the neatest field trips!! What an education your kiddos are getting. I love it!