Monday, May 9, 2011

Spring Camping Trip 2011 ~ Random

These are just a “few” random pictures from our camping trip.

Getting ready to eat breakfast

IMG-20110421-00034While we were there one of the moms brought stuff for an egg hunt.  She provided all of the eggs full of candy and the prizes for the question eggs.  Everyone who found the shiny eggs were asked bible questions.  If they answered it correctly, they received a prize.

Thanks Melody!  The kids had a great time:)

IMG-20110422-00049  IMG-20110422-00050

IMG-20110422-00051  IMG-20110422-00052

IMG-20110422-00054  IMG-20110422-00059

Another one of our families, Laura and Cesar with one of their children.

IMG-20110422-00058 Cade

IMG-20110422-00060  IMG-20110422-00061

Abram and I at the comfort station aka restrooms.

IMG-20110422-00062 Two tuckered out little men, Isaac and Asa.

IMG-20110422-00178  IMG-20110422-00180

Friday night, Christine and I went in together to make food for the two of us and our husbands.  We decided on Chicken Fajitas.

Christine brought the meat and vegetables and I brought the fixins.  It was YUMMY!!!  I think we stuffed ourselves that night :)


DSC_0429  DSC_0430


While at the beach, Ian and Tate collected a lot of mussels and brought them back to our campsite.  Carlo took them and boiled them with onions and such for the boys.  Several people tried them but I opted out.  They were not that appealing next to my Mexican fiesta;)

IMG-20110422-00181 IMG-20110422-00185

We had a great time camping.  We’ve already booked our sites for our fall camping trip. Already looking forward to another great time of family, friends, and fellowship!!!

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