Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Strawberry Picking ~ Part 1

Two weeks ago, the Bayou Cajun Homeschoolers went on a field trip to Landry-Poche Farms for strawberry picking.  The cost was per gallon bucket that you bought for picking but you got to pick and eat as many strawberries while you were there free.


Some of our group

0411 1405

Waiting for our instructions and the rest of our group before picking.


Ready, Set, Pick…

P4280009 P4280011

P4280012 P4280013


4x6-0411 1448            4x6-0411 1508

Abram picking…he was paired with Ian.

P4280015 P4280016

P4280018 Asa was running toward me trying to show me the strawberry he was eating and Cade paired up with Sarah and Emma to fill up one of our buckets.

P4280020 P4280024

The flower, new strawberries, and a ripe strawberry

Did you know that strawberries are in the rose family?

P4280029  P4280052

Tate and Cai were a team of pickers.

P4280031a My friend, Candi, who was another mamarazi out in the fields!


P4280040 P4280041

A sweet strawberry and her mom

P4280042  P4280043


0411 1446

  Here’s a strawberry with a worm in it that Tate found!



Sarah came to check on Isaac who was sleeping in his stroller while we were picking.


Our three buckets of strawberries hand picked by my children.


I broke this post into two different ones due to the number of pictures.   Plus, it helps when trying to catch up on my blogging.

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The Munck Family said...

What fun...Asa is so handsome! Looks like a wonderful field trip. As I have said before I so wish we lived closer!