Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Strawberry Picking ~ Part 2

After picking strawberries, we waited for everyone to finish so we could go picnic and play in an area they had set up for visitors.

These are some pretty flowers that were around. 


Emma and Sarah waiting and looking.

0411 1603            0411 1605

We walked over this little bridge to the picnic area.

P4280062 They had an area with picnic tables, a giant sand box, see saw, tire swing, and horse swings.

P4280063 P4280064


P4280067 P4280069

After a time of eating and playing, we headed back for an educational talk on strawberry farming.

0411 1418  0411 1419

Then, it was play time again. 


Sweet Isaac drooling on a friend’s arm.


P4280084 P4280086

Asa climbed up on this big log.  He was so proud that he could stand up with no hands!


It was a lovely day for strawberry picking.  The sun was out but it wasn’t one of our “hot” days.  We enjoyed picking, playing, and visiting with our friends.

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