Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Day with the Girls

Last Saturday, Emma, Sarah, and I were invited to spend time with our friends, Miriam, Micah, and Candi as a birthday treat for Miriam and Micah.    We met them at the Sassy Spa for the little girls to get special treatment.

Here is a little view inside:

P6030004 P6030038 P6030005a 

P6030022 P6030041

Here’s the girls sitting for their “pedicure”.  Each one is holding the polish they picked out.


Emma, Sarah, Miriam, and Micah

 P6030009aP6030010  P6030013 P6030016

P6030011 P6030012

Relaxing in their chairs


Isaac was the only boy who got to come since he needs his mommy to feed him his “mommy milk”.

P6030023a  P6030025


P6030030 P6030028

P6030031 P6030032

The girls are “reading” books while they wait.

P6030034   P6030035   P6030037

Next, they got a “manicure”.


P6030044 P6030046

 P6030048   P6030047

Sarah sitting to let her nails dry.P6030049

Next, it was time fixing their hair.

P6030050 P6030055a

Can you see Candi and I in the mirror watching and taking pictures?


Princess MicahP6030070

Sarah getting her hair fixed.  My girls’ hair is very fine so it didn’t do as well as Candi’s girls.  Their hair did really good.

P6030079 P6030081 P6030082


P6030086 P6030087

Princess Sarah and Princess Micah

P6030089a P6030090a

After the spa, we went to lunch at Chick-fil-a for lunch and let the girls play for a little while.  The girls had fun and I enjoyed spending time with my friend.

Thanks Candi for a great time!!!

Candi took some other pictures of the girls so I’ll post them when I get them.

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The Munck Family said...

What a fun "girly " day! And what a funky spa place...I'm sure making it all the more fun.