Friday, June 10, 2011

Isaac ~ 3 months old

Ok, I’m a few days late but Isaac was 3 months old on Wednesday!!!  I can’t believe how fast he is growing.  It feels like he was just born. 

Isaac is such a happy baby!  He is very easy going.  He’s been sleeping all night for a while now.  Emma, Sarah, and Asa love sharing their room with him. 

As of last week, he weighed 13 1/2 lbs.  Growing so big…


P6080336a P6080337 P6080343 P6080357

In case any of you are wondering about that bump by his left eye, we think it is a dermoid cyst.  We will probably get it x-rayed next time he goes to the doctor for a check-up just to make sure.  This is something he was born with and will keep growing as he grows until it is removed.

I just love this little man!!!


The Munck Family said... did that happen so quickly! What a beautiful bright eyed boy he is:-)

Got your email and I'll send yoone tomorrow, Tennessee is a great vacation place. And you know we'd love to meet all the Shelbys in person!

Cinnamon said...

He keeps getting cuter and cuter Amy!! What a treasure ♥


p.s yes I noticed the bump. Praying all goes well and it's nothing.