Tuesday, June 28, 2011

VBS 2011 ~ Food

Here’s some of the food that we made for VBS.  It was all themed for Hidden Treasure!

Here are some quesadillas that Candi made for our Friday night Sandwich/Finger Food Supper.  She is so creative.   She loves to be thematic:)

0611 644 (1)

Friday Night Snack:

Hidden Treasure Float and Gold Nuggets

0611 653a     0611 649 (1)

Saturday Morning Snack:

Liquid Gold with Emeralds and Rubies (aka sugared red and green grapes) wit Gold Coins & Nuggets (aka round cheese slices and crumbs).

0611 677 (1)a  0611 675a

Saturday Lunch:

We had Hidden Treasure Meat Pies (didn’t get a picture) for the grown-ups.  Candi and I spent all day Thursday before VBS making 108 meat pies.

Mini Hidden Treasures (mini corn dogs), Hidden Treasure Pasta Salad

0611 707            0611 694 (1)

Veggies Jewels

0611 697 (1)

Jewel Salad (fruit salad), Pot of Gold (homemade macaroni and cheese, Gold Nugget Casserole (corn casserole)

0611 698 (1) 0611 708 0611 711

For dessert we had:

Hidden Treasure Chest with Treasure

(Chocolate cake chest with many cupcakes covered in all kinds of candy such as Rollo's, candy bracelets, fruit gushers, chocolate  gold coins, and ring pops.)

We also had Strawberry Trifles but no pictures of these.

0611 689 (1)

Here’s Candi with her masterpiece.  Yes, she did this all by herself.  It turned out excellent.  Thanks Candi for all of your hard work!!!  I love you, my friend.

4x6-0611 717

Btw, I didn’t take one picture this year at VBS.  Thanks to Candi and Pastor Dale for sharing these pictures with me!!!


Allison said...

Thanks to you and Candi for making all the yummies for VBS. Thanks for inviting us to come and Gray had such a great time.

The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

All the food was good but I have to say my favorite were the emeralds! They were yummy! And my healthy popcorn- I enjoyed it but enough is enough- tomorrow after a few nibbles it is in the garbage!!! ;)

Mendi... said...

The treasure chest cake is such a cute idea with the cupcakes surrounding it. SO FUN for the kids and no doubt, they felt like they were digging into a "treasure" as they decided which part to choose.

Very neat, creative and fun ideas. You put in alot of time and effort into these things that have now stored memories deep in these kids hearts!

To God be the glory!!

The Munck Family said...

Yum....now that made me hungry!

Looks like lots of good eats, and I'm sure everyone enjoyed it! Candi out did herself on the cake, to cute! Ya'll make a great team;-)