Friday, July 8, 2011

Happy Birthday!!!


We were so busy this weekend with a birthday party, a blessing shower, and getting ready for our church’s big 4th of July picnic at our house Monday that I forgot to do a birthday post for Tate whose birthday was on Sunday.  Therefore, I decided to do a combined post  since today is Abram’s birthday too.


Happy 9th (belated)

Birthday, Tater Bug!!!


Happy 6th Birthday



Two brothers, two friends

May the Lord bless you and

keep you.  May He give you a

heart after His own heart.  May

Christ reign supreme in your

lives and we long to see you

serve Him all the days that He

grants you on this earth.

Happy Birthday guys!  Mommy,

Daddy, your brothers, and

sisters love you very much:)

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Kristal said...

Happy birthday to your boys!