Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Our Family Vacation 2011 ~ Part 2

It was going to be a 16 hour drive so we decided to drive straight through the night while the kids slept in the van.  This would allow us to maximize the number of days we had to do things and spend time together in the mountains.  We left on Friday evening after supper around 6 pm and arrived at the cabin around 10 am on Saturday. 

Saturday, was spent getting situated at the cabin.  Then,  we drove into town which was about a 40 min. drive for lunch and a Wal-mart run for some groceries. 

Sunday, we got up and started our trek to worship at Cornerstone Chapel in Bristol, TN.  It was about a 2 hour drive and GPS took us thru the mountains on a very, very winding road.  Let me just say that we were like the Duggars.  Many of the children were car sick each holding a bag…just in case.  They all looked “green”!!!  We even had to pull over for Tate to take care of business along the way:(  Yes, they get this from me!

Why did we drive 2 hours to go to church?  We wanted to visit one of our fellow ARBCA churches. 

After church, we headed back to our cabin a much better way.  No one got sick.  It was the way we should have gone that morning!  There was a pot of yummy gumbo waiting for us in the crock-pot when we got home.  (I had prepared a few meals ahead of time and froze them for our trip.)

After our late lunch, we went down to the creek to explore.  It was nice marveling at and enjoying more of God’s beautiful creation.

Abram before we set out.


Off we go



_8060009a _8060010a

Some of the gang


Asa enjoying putting his feet in the water.

_8060012a _8060013a




Cai getting out.

_8060016a _8060019a

Soaking wet Emma


Headed back up


After everyone dried off, we sat out on the porch where we had a time of bible study with daddy.

Monday started our time venturing out for more fun! More to come soon…

Side note:  Oh, I was very thankful to have my lens protective cover on that day.  I slipped on one of the rocks while moving Asa around.  I saved Asa but slid into the water keeping my camera dry but it hit against a rock and crack the cover.  If it weren’t for that lens protector, the lens would have been broken.


The Munck Family said...

Oh all were so close to us!!! It's only 3 hours from us!

Car/van sickness so sorry, that's the Tennessee mountains for you! We are all use to the mountain roads dips, turns, and bounces....thankful for that! So neat you could go and fellowship with others from your church association. I'm loving seeing and hearing about your trip.

Also happy your camera and lends were saved!

Allison said...

So glad you had a sweet time. Looks beautiful. Can't wait to see the rest of the photos

The Adventures of a Simple Life said... sickness...maybe I should put some bags in our van in case we have this problem in the mountains in a few weeks!

Great that you were able to visit another ARBCA church! I think I remember reading about that church!

Love the pictures of God's beautiful creation! It looks so peaceful! Love the picture of Miss Emma Ruth all wet! I can just hear her giggle now!

Rob told me I need to ask AJ for a protector for my lens...maybe I ought to think more on that! Glad your camera is ok!

Miss you dearly, my friend!