Friday, August 19, 2011

Our Family Vacation 2011 ~ Part 3

On Monday of our trip, we decided to drive to Kings Mountain to see some of our family history along with American History.  You see when we were trying to think of a name for Isaac before he was born, Rob started tracing back the Shelby line.  He got all the way back to at least Wales.  During the search he found out that the Shelby’s were related to men who were in the Battle of Kings Mountain in the American Revolution.  Col. Isaac Shelby was a key player in this battle that was also the turning point for the Americans.  (Later, Isaac Shelby became Kentucky’s 1st and 5th governor.)

It was about a 3 hour drive to Kings Mountain National Military Park right outside of Charlotte, NC.


By the time we arrived, it was time for lunch.  There was a state park connected to this park that had a picnic and play area.  The kids ran off some energy while I nursed Isaac and Rob fixed sandwiches for the kids.  After lunch, we loaded up and went back to the museum.

Here’s a group picture minus mommy and Isaac:


Getting ready to go in after our bathroom break;)


The first two pictures represent the Americans and the other represent the British.

The Mountain man, the Patriots, and the Redcoats

_8070043a _8070046a _8070047a

Rob going over the map of the battle with the boys and the key to the map which had Braille on it.  We had just learned about Helen Keller so the kids got to see and feel the Braille.  (Two lessons…at least…in one!)

_8070051a _8070053a

They had a 20 minute video about the war up to the point of the victory at Kings Mountain.  They talked about Col. Isaac Shelby throughout the video.  The boys enjoyed this so much!

Getting ready for the  video.


After the video, we went to the museum.

Ferguson’s weapons (He was the enemy.)

_8070066a _8070070a

The museum was made up of large fake trees as if you were walking through the forest.


The kids


They had lots of info with Col. Isaac Shelby.

Here’s his picture:


They had Isaac’s hunting knife but it was out for preservation:(

_8070083a _8070088a

A quote by Col. Isaac Shelby



After the museum, we hiked the 1.5 mile up the Battlefield Trail to see the monuments.


_8070109a _8070111a


Along the trail was this hill with big rocks so they decided to climb it for fun.

_8070114a _8070119a

Waiting on his daddy and siblings to come down from the rocks.


_8070122a _8070126a

They had informational signs along the trail and this one had info about Col. Shelby’s men.


Emma and Asa were tired.  Asa did this a lot along the way.

_8070134a _8070135a

Momma was getting tired too especially after having to haul Asa up some of the way.

This is where we started seeing the 1st monument.  It felt good when we thought we had made it to our destination before we realized there was more!

_8070137a  _8070136a


Tired girls


Sarah, Mommy, and Emma



Here’s the second monument.

_8070191a       _8070183a

It had a plague with Col. Isaac Shelby’s name and one with Moses Shelby’s name.  Moses was Isaac’s brother who was wounded in this battle.

_8070189a _8070187a


Emma taking another break.


This is where Col. Patrick Ferguson (the head of the redcoats) was buried from the battle.

_8070198a _8070199a

Rob and our Isaac Shelby


After spending the day at the military park, we loaded up and headed back to the cabin.  We stopped along the way and ate supper where we each enjoyed a delicious milkshake….all different flavors.  It was a great day and one of the favorite activities of the trip.


The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

How neat to actually see and hear all about Rob's ancestor! That made it all the most interesting!
Love the picture of Issac and Rob! Glad you enjoyed your day and the milkshakes...I am sure it was a real treat after walking around in the heat!


Anonymous said...

I can't believe we've never been there - it's only about 30-40 minutes from my parents' house! We'll have to check it out next time we're in SC. It'll be fun to know the Isaac Shelby connection!

Miss you!