Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Corn Maze Field Trip ~ Part 1

On Oct.17th, we went to the Cajun Country Corn Maze for their October Home School Day with Bayou Cajun Homeschoolers.  It’s a day set aside just for homeschoolers.  We have enjoyed going here the past few years. 

I’ve split this into 3 post due to the number of pictures I took;)


_A160279 _A160281

This year it was set up a little differently.  They wanted it to be a little more structured so they had different times for the activities. 

Here’s some of our kids waiting for others from our group to arrive and for the activities to begin.

(watching the show)


Sweet Girls

(Sarah, Emma, and Sophia)


Let’s get started!!!

Here’s Old McDonald welcoming everyone to the corn maze and giving us instructions along with an Ag-in-classroom talk to the children.


_A160027 _A160028

_A160033 _A160034


First, we went to feed and pet the animals.


Asa and Cole being pulled along in one of their corn wagons.


_A160045 _A160050

_A160051 _A160055


Yes, I make several appearances this time.  Some of the kids would ask for the camera so they could take pictures of Momma too.


Next, it’s time for the pig races.


Waiting with anticipation


On your mark, get set, GO…


_A160086 _A160087

Pygmy (pig me) goats

_A160091 Everyone standing around in a half circle watching and cheering the pigs or goats!

_A160096 _A160097

Here’s the pig with three eyes (piiig):


On the last race, there are three adult and child teams.  The losing pig team has to kiss the pig! 

Here’s the pics of the boy and his mom kissing the pig:

_A160103 _A160104

Next up…the corn maze!

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