Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Corn Maze ~ Part 2

Country Cajun Corn Maze

This was the design for the maze this year.  Trust me, it’s much harder in the maze than it looks on paper!


Now, it’s time for the maze!

Trying to figure out which way to go.

_A160108 _A160109

_A160110 _A160113

Poor little Cole was tired!  He fell asleep while being pulled in the corn wagon.


Here’s the corn cop!


Ian asked the “corn cop” if he would let his mom go up to take pictures.  The corn cop said, “Sure!”

I chickened out so Kristie went up to take pictures with our cameras. Now, I wished I would have gone up:( Kristie is a photographer so I thought she might get some better pictures than me anyway.  You can check out the video she made over at her site here.

_A160114a _A160115a This is where she looked over and took a picture of us waiving to her on the scissor lift.


Asa was crying  He was tired so Melody helped him find his way out.


After we found our way out of the maze, we had a picnic lunch under their pavilion.   Then, it was time for more fun!

Cow Train

_A160121 _A160123

_A160124 _A160125

_A160126 _A160127_A160128 _A160139



_A160142 _A160144

On this particular time during the ride, they decided to start spraying the passengers with a water hose.  This is me expressing my feelings about being sprayed several times (in the face) while riding for Candi!


Pumpkin Car Hay Ride

(Minus the hay)


_A160148 _A160149

_A160154 _A160155

This is the old tractor that pulled the pumpkin cars.  It has an actual pull chain to crank it up.  They drove over a newer, larger tractor to pull start the tractor which was really neat.  Old McDonald let this mom drive the tractor during the ride.


Last post to coming soon…more fun!

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Mountain Mama said...

What a fun outing. We have done the corn mazes before - love them!