Thursday, October 27, 2011

Corn Maze ~ Part 3

Country Cajun Corn Maze

  It’s time for fun!!!

We hung out for the day.  Such as, my family was the last to pull out that afternoon;)  They have several activities that are free for the children to enjoy throughout the day such as the playground, corn crib, and bounce pillow.

The Corn Crib

It’s like a big ball pit but instead of balls, it’s full of corn kernels.


_A160164 _A160165

_A160167 _A160169

I think Emma was tired or something!!! 

One of the moms told me to hop in and she would take my picture.  This was a refreshing treat.  It was a place of refuge from the very, warm, October day.  Plus, it was cool under the kernels.  I almost didn’t want to leave;)

_A160170       _A160173a

Really, cool, homemade slides


Bounce Pillow

I got a little extra exercise in bouncing with Asa in my arms!!!  Yes, he’s an extra 30 lbs.

_A160195a _A160192 

Lots of bouncing fun!!!



_A160204 _A160211






Asa enjoying some FREE Kleinpeter Dairy Ice Cream.


Having a “sliding” good time!

_A160210 _A160217

_A160218 _A160222



Isaac in the corn wagon!!! 

(He was having fun earlier but I missed that shot.)

_A160231 _A160233

Me and my Corn Cobs


Shelby, Lindsay, and Crousillac Kids


Shelby and Lindsay Kids


Once again, we had a lot a fun at the corn maze.  The kids always look forward to it. 

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