Monday, October 31, 2011

A Joint Picnic

Two weekends ago, we had a joint picnic with our church, Trinity Baptist Church, and a sister ARBCA church, First Baptist Church Clinton.  We met at a park that was kind of centrally located between the two churches for a day of food and fellowship. 

It was a beautiful day, warm but not hot.  The sun was shining with no cloud in the sky.  We all brought food to share.  We were able to rent this pavilion so that we had a covered area for eating.  Plus, it had a nice playground and a baseball field.


_A210008a _A210009a 

_A210011 _A210012

_A210017 _A210018

_A210019a _A210024a

_A210025 _A210026a _A210028b

_A210030 _A210033

_A210038a _A210040a

_A210043 _A210053


_A210055 _A210057

_A210059 _A210064


_A210073a  _A210078

This was some silly shots of Cai and Abram.  In between hitting, Cai decided to stand on his head.  This was Abram walking back to the field after going to take a water break. 

_A210079  _A210080


_A210084 _A210088

_A210090 _A210099







 _A210102 It was a long day.  The sweet babes took naps while we were there.

_A210103 _A210104

_A210106  _A210112

Poor little Jacob scuffed his face on the concrete when he took a little tumble.


After lunch, a couple of the men went over to play a little ball with some of the kids.  Some of us, moms, got in on the fun._A210117

_A210122 _A210128

_A210125 _A210131

_A210137 _A210140


_A210141  _A210142

_A210143a       _A210150

_A210153 _A210162



After most of the people left, I caught Pastor Dale getting him a chicken leg for a snack!!!

_A210166 It was a great day for a picnic.  It was fun visiting with friends and church family along with meeting new people from the other church.  I think we should do this more often. 


Kristal said...

Looks like lots of fun was hand... looks warm too as I sit in 45 degree weather!

Me said...

It does look like a lot of fun! Lots of happy faces & yummi food as well :)

Mountain Mama said...

Oh, what a blast! And you look like a pro baseball hitter. Was it a homerun? :-)

Me said...

Hi Amy, I made my blog private for a little while. I will send you an invite, just send me your e-mail. Mine is michaela.redeker at gmail dot com

The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

It was a fun time!!! Glad we were able to make it! Can you send that picture of Amy and I to me? Good job at getting a picture of Pastor Dale!!!