Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Birthday Tea Party

Last Saturday, Emma and Sarah had a 3 year old birthday tea party to attend.  It was their first tea party.  Amy C. did a great job for Ella and the girls.

Here’s the decorated food table:

The little girls had flower and butterfly shaped sandwiches along with tulip shaped quesadillas.  There was sandwiches for the grown-ups, fruit, guacamole, and cheese and crackers.  Everything was yummy!


My aunt and uncle had come in town to visit this weekend as well so Aunt Pat joined the girls and I at the party.  Yes, Isaac got to come since he needs his mommy.  The rest of the boys went with Rob and my uncle to McDonald’s and Cabelas while we were gone.


Sweet Girls

(Emma, Sarah, and Ella)

PA280768 PA280775

Eliana and Anneka


Birthday girl, EllaPA280777a

Little Isaac enjoyed playing at the tea party!


Time to make necklaces

PA280790 PA280796


PA280798 PA280807

Tea Time

Yes, the little girls drank from real tea cups. 

PA280828 PA280830

Enjoying their lunch

PA280833 PA280837


All of the sweet girls


Time for Cake and ice cream

Amy, Ella’s mom, made this cake herself.  It was very lovely.  She learned how to decorate cakes from working at one of the nice bakeries in town while she was in college.  Every cake I’ve seen has been great!




PA290933a PA290942a

It was a great party.  Thanks Amy!

I enjoyed watching all of them.  With five boys before Emma, I wasn’t sure I’d ever get to experience these “sweet” events!

Side note:  I actually forgot my camera.  Pastor Dale (Ella’s grandfather) took the pictures and shared them with me.  Thanks so much, Pastor Dale!!!

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The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

I am SO bummed we missed this party! Saddens me to see the pictures...all the ladies look beautiful!