Friday, December 16, 2011

Ian’s Pics ~ Old Governor’s Mansion

This is a post that was done by my second son, Ian.  He likes to take his camera with us to take pictures too. So, I let him do this post by himself.


Here is some jewelry they sell to raise money to run the museum.

100_0755 telling us about the mansion


the old piano in the living room


a fire place in the living room


a picture in the dining room on the wall

100_0762talking about the picture

100_0763 the table in the dining room

100_0764 the other half of the table

100_0765 a glass centerpiece

100_0766 the state seal carved in the door

100_0767 Gov. Huey P. Long’s type writer

100_0773Gov.  Huey P. Long’s office

100_0774 His chair

100_0775 His clock

100_0777 the telephone

100_0779 His hat

100_0781 a paper

100_0782 the state seal on his desk

100_0783 His wife


his announcer

100_0787 His personal bedroom

100_0793 his personal bathroom

100_0800 His shower

100_0801 Sarah being tickled by his powder brush


100_0804 an outdoor place to sleep for the Kids


100_0808 the lady’s bedroom


100_0815 she was a very fancy lady

100_0816 this picture frame is made from cigar boxes


100_0819 she liked things from china

100_0820 the outdoor living room

100_0823 toys the kids played with

100_0827 a record player


Gov. Huey P. Long had LSU students come sleep over. The old governors mansion was four stories tall.

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Mansions are beautiful, always :-)