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Louisiana’s Old Governor’s Mansion

Last week, we went on a field trip to tour the Old Governor’s Mansion of our great state of Louisiana.  It’s a before mansion that looks just like the White House which is how they designed it.
Except from their website:
The history of the Old Governor’s Mansion as presented, spans the period from 1930 to 1963. The Mansion is a focal point for students of Louisiana history. The knowledgeable guides enjoy sharing some of the little known tidbits. The story is told through changing and permanent exhibits.
Built to resemble the White House with tall columns and in the Georgian style, the Mansion does indeed look very much like the house at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The architectural details of the house are fascinating and give added opulence. The grandeur of the Old Governor’s Mansion impresses all that come to visit.

(This picture was copied from their website.)

pyv-Mansion We waited in the lovely living area which was empty except a piano and a pretty bench along the wall close to the piano.  Here’s one of the moms and her daughter playing with the mirrors. 

_C080011  _C080014

Lovely tassels and chandeliers

_C080016  _C080020

 Decorated for Christmas


This was our group for this field trip which represented 6 families from Bayou Cajun Homeschoolers.


They split us up into 3 different groups for the tour so we all started in different places of the mansion.

_C080028 _C080029

The mirrors in the living room which looks like a banquet or dance hall are built into the walls not hung.  If you look into the mirror the chandeliers look like they go on for infinity.



The dining room

_C080033 _C080037

The breakfast area

_C080041 _C080044

The middle picture is an original Audubon drawing.

_C080043 _C080047

Huey P. Long’s Office

_C080050 _C080054

_C080052 _C080056

_C080058 _C080060

Our tour guide asked the children to look for the pelican in the room.  (The pelican is our state bird.)  Needless to say, she didn’t realize how many pelicans besides what she wanted them to find were in the room.  She was wanting them to find the pelican on the desk which is our state seal.

_C080063 _C080064


Pictures hanging along the wall in the hallway 

_C080066 _C080067

Huey P. Long’s bedroom

_C080069 _C080070



Showing us his bathroom

_C080074 _C080077

Showers were rare during this time period.  Also, the green toilet is missing.  During one of the renovations, the toilet never returned.

_C080075 _C080078

The Sun Parlor


Another bedroom

_C080085 _C080089


_C080090 _C080092


The frame of this picture was made from cigar boxes!


_C080098 _C080099

The covered porch in the back of the mansion.

_C080104 _C080101


Cade and Isaac


Emma found another pelican on this door knob.

_C080113 _C080115

_C080118 _C080121

Governor Jimmie Davis wrote our state song, “You are My Sunshine.” 



In this purple bathroom, it’s missing a purple bath tub.  Yes, it never returned along with the green toilet.  They said to be on the look out for those two items.

_C080127 _C080128

_C080130 _C080132


Going down the staircase 

_C080137 _C080139

_C080140 _C080141

Ian shaking hands with Huey P. Long ;)



Shelby Kids


Shelby Kids with their Momma


Part of our group in front of the mansion


Shelby and Lindsay Kids


 Candi and I were asked if we would be willing to let the mansion take pictures of our families during the tour to use for their new brochure.  We said yes and signed consent forms which is why they put our two families together.

The pictures below are some of the photos from the photographer that they shared with us:


I love this picture of Candi’s little girl, Micah, looking at the toys.


 _DSC2970-Edit-web _DSC3022-web


This is the picture that is going to be used in the brochure.

Old_Governors_Mansion_tour-016-web Old_Governors_Mansion_tour-057-web Old_Governors_Mansion_tour-065-web



Love this one of Asa!


Looking down the secret staircase.




It was a great and informative field trip.  I think everyone enjoyed it.  It was full of Louisiana history and tidbits.

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