Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Our Trip To Visit Family ~ Part 1

A week and a half ago, we went to visit our family in N. Louisiana to celebrate Isaac’s 1st birthday.  On our way up, we stopped for dinner at our normal stopping place which is a Mexican restaurant.  They always seem to remember us. (I’m not sure why???!!!)  They heard that Isaac was having his birthday soon so they gave him the birthday treatment.

They brought the sombrero, whip cream, and sopapillas. They like to smear whip cream on the birthday person’s face. 


Isaac was not thrilled!!!

(However, they brought out enough mini sopapillas for all of the children!)


The next day, we went to a local park to take the kids (minus Isaac) on some of their trails. 

(Me and our crew in front of the suspension bridge)


Fun on the bridge


Rob and our crew


Having fun on a fort, Cade smiling big

IMG-20120302-00530   IMG-20120302-00531

Cade and I


Asa loving the trail.


IMG-20120302-00480  IMG-20120302-00484

After the trails, we let them play at one of the play areas for a little bit.

IMG-20120302-00486   IMG-20120302-00488

That evening, we celebrated Isaac’s birthday at my aunt’s house.  He had a circus theme.


_3020009  _3020011

_3020014  _3020015

_3020016  _3020017

Daddy and Isaac


Opening presents


_3020029 _3020031


My little man


_3020061 _3020065

Cake Time

_3020069 _3020072a

_3020073 _3020080

_3020084 _3020085


We had a great time.  Part 2 will be the surprise for the kids from my aunt the next day:)


Cinnamon said...

Asa is so big. What big boy he has become.

Such a fun time you all had. I love family times like those. Makes for good memories and tired children:-)


Tiany said...

Great pictures!! Love that park you all went to!