Saturday, March 17, 2012

Our Trip To Visit Family ~ Part 2

The next morning after Isaac’s circus birthday party, my aunt took all of us to a real circus.  It happened to be in town the weekend that we came in to visit which is why my aunt did a circus theme. 

I grew up going to this circus every year.  My grandparents would get tickets for us each year.  This was the first time that my children have ever been to the circus.  They were so excited.

Here’s my aunt, mom, Rob, and the children waiting for the circus to begin.  It looks like there aren’t many people there but it filled up all around us.

Disclaimer:  All of these pictures were taken with my phone because I didn’t think to bring my camera.


The kids enjoyed icees, cotton candy, and popcorn while they waited. 

IMG-20120303-00489  IMG-20120303-00490

You can see all of the kids who bought the light up toys when the lights went down.

IMG-20120303-00535 IMG-20120303-00536


Silly Clowns

IMG-20120303-00543  IMG-20120303-00544

This was taken pretty far away so I don’t know if you can see it very well.  This is a picture of a bear driving a motorcycle.  The bears were my favorite.  These two trained bears actually rode the bicycles by themselves, drove a motorcycle, stood on it’s hands and walked across a set of stools, etc.


The circus was during Isaac’s nap time.  He fell asleep during the circus for a brief time in my arms.

IMG-20120303-00551   IMG-20120303-00554


The Sky Cycle

(A man driving a motorcycle across a tight wire with a lady hanging from the bottom.  They even did a 360 over the audiences head.)


IMG-20120303-00560   IMG-20120303-00561

The man doing a headstand on the bike driving it down the tight wire with the lady in an upside down splits!!!


IMG-20120303-00565  IMG-20120303-00570

The Dancing Elephant was good too.  It danced to the beat very well while playing a tambourine with it’s trunk.


IMG-20120303-00573  IMG-20120303-00577


The circus was fun and the kids enjoyed it.  It wasn’t as good as I remember but still fun.  Maybe it’s different when your an adult;)

Thanks Aunt Pat for taking us to the circus!!!

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