Friday, April 20, 2012

Spring Camping Trip ~ Day 1/Part 2

After nap time, we headed down to the beach for some water fun for the kiddos.  They were able to walk way out in the lake and have lots of fun.

_4050024 _4050026

Playing in the sand


Rob walked out on the long pier to take pictures of the boys in the water since they had went out a long way from the beach.

_4050038 _4050039

Yes, he even captured me with my hands on my hips on the beach watching the little ones.

_4050040 _4050041

_4050043 _4050044

Asa loved digging in the sand.


Rob’s back from the pier and playing with the kids.

_4050048  _4050053

Isaac was having fun in the sand too.



Emma had gone out to far in the water so Noah was carrying her back.  Thanks Noah!

_4050063  _4050064

_4050072 _4050074


A couple of the dads keeping and eye on their little ones.


Ian and the boys were collecting mussels while out in the water.  Yes, they will be cooked and served later on!

_4050082 _4050083

Isaac hanging on to daddy after getting tackled by some of the water.


After our time at the beach, we headed to the spray park to rinse off before heading back to our campsites.

_4050086 _4050087

_4050088 _4050091

This was the group who went to the beach which represented four of families from our church camping trip.  There were a couple other famiies back at the sites and we had several families that came out the following day.


Rob and I


Back at camp, we hung the swim clothes and towels to dry for the next day.

_4060109 By the time we got back to camp, it was time for dinner.  Then, we sat together around the camp fire roasting marshmallows and making smores.  Yummy, yes indeed!!!

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