Saturday, April 21, 2012

Spring Camping Trip ~ Day 2

The second day was a full day of fun.  We started out with breakfast and visiting with other families from church. 

Me, Rob, Ian, and Cade


About mid-morning, the kids had an Easter egg hunt. Melody has done this for the kids for the past few years.  She does all of the work with some help from her children.  There are eggs filled with candy and special shiny eggs.  For every shiny egg they find, they get to answer a catechism question or recite a bible verse in order to get a prize.  She has a table full of prizes for them to choose from for each question.

IMG-20120406-00558 IMG-20120406-00559 IMG-20120406-00561

Do you remember the mussels that Ian and the boys collected the day before at the lake?

Well, we soaked them overnight in the bucket with fresh water so that Rob and Ian could cook them up for lunch.  Ian was looking forward to cooking them so he could eat them like he did last year.  They boiled them with salt, pepper, and a tad bit of cajun seasoning.  Bon Appétit!!! (Not really for me!)

_4060114  IMG-20120406-00562

_4060116 _4060119


Sarah came over and tried one.  She was a brave soul!!!  Can you see her husband smiling in the background?

_4060123 _4060125

Abram and Faye joined in on the meal.  They thought they were ok.

_4060128 _4060130

This is what I thought about them!!!  GROSS:( _4060132

Emma came and ate some with Ian.  Ian ate them for his lunch and was satisfied.  I’m glad he enjoyed them.  I tried them and now I don’t have to do it again:)


While the little ones were down for their afternoon naps, Laura and I took some of the other kids to an open area by the playground for a water balloon war.  They had been filling up water balloons all morning after the egg hunt and using the buckets to carry them.

Getting ready for war!



_4060162 _4060163 _4060164

_4060165 _4060175


_4060187  _4060188

After the balloon war, we walked over to the play area for a short time of play.





After the little ones woke up. we loaded up everyone who wanted to go back to the beach in our trailer and Rob drove us instead of us walking.  You can’t see everyone because I took this with my phone but we were loaded down with people.


More beach fun

_4060217 _4060218


This was Easter weekend and the beach was loaded with people from campers to locals who had come out for the day.  There was a group of people who had their flag flying for LA Tech.  I had to take this for Craig (Candi’s husband) since it was his Alma Mater.


Gian and Giovanni

Like the optical illusion?

_4060244 _4060248

After the beach, we went back for supper.  Then, we gathered around the camp fire again and sang hymns together, roasted marshmallows, and ate some more smores.

Cade enjoying his smores:)

535840_411953225499737_100000551904359_1465643_1282438784_n We had a great day.  It full and fun.

Our third day consisted of taking everything down and loading it back up to go home.  We enjoyed our lunch of hot dogs cooked by Pastor Dale (It’s become a camping tradition for our family.) before heading back home to finish the day.

This was a great camping trip.  The weather was great minus the extra water from the previous rain.  We had great family time along with great fellowship with some of our church families.  We look forward to our bi-annual camping trips each year.  Can’t wait for the next one!

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