Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Prayer Requests and Update on bus 8/22

The Shelby’s have decided upon a bus to purchase. It is a 2006 Chevrolet with 82K miles. Amy will be flying to Florida tomorrow (Thursday) with Christine Erwin and then drive back on Friday and Saturday with the bus.

Shelby Bus Shelby Bus Inside

Some prayer requests:

· Please pray for the safety of these two ladies as they are traveling with the bus.

· Pray for Amy & Christine’s children as they will be staying with friends.

· Pray for Pastor Rob as Amy is away. Cade will be staying with his dad at the hospital.

· Pray that this bus will prove a blessing from the hand of God. They are making the purchase based primarily upon specs & photos provided by the dealership. The dealer provided 28 photos plus a video. I’ve attached a couple photos.

· The Shelby’s had to dip into their savings in order to purchase the bus and pay for the transportation expenses. Pray that the additional funds will come in through their two donation accounts.

Shelby Family Fund

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