Sunday, August 19, 2012

Rob Update 8/19

From Pastor Dale:

Last Tuesday marked day 40 since Pastor Rob had his accident and entered the hospital. He is anxiously awaiting the day when he will be able to go home. He has about two weeks left in the rehab hospital. He is continuing his daily regimen, working hard in learning how to manage his disability. Last week his two oldest boys, Cade and Ian, rotated staying with their dad day and night which was both a help for Rob as well as great time between father and sons. They participated with Amy during a training day last week. Amy will be doing a 24 hour session where she will experience all of the responsibilities she will need to know when they go home. Rob’s bladder infection has proven much worse than they originally thought. It is a strain of bacteria that is very antibiotic resistant and they have him on a powerful antibiotic administered intravenously. He has also developed a pressure sore on his back. They are turning him every two hours and this will continue after he goes home.

Here are some particular prayer requests from Amy:

1. Pray for continue healing for his bladder infection, blood clots, and pressure sore along with long term healing.
2. Pray for guidance and wisdom along with provisions for a special bus for our family.
3. Pray for provisions as we have found out that we will have to pay a co-pay for each of his therapy sessions once he is released from the hospital along with all of the extra expenses of co-pays for doctors that we will incur with frequent visits for Rob. All of these things will be extra in our budget.
4. Pray for me as I will have some more things to take care of once we come home and that I will be a good and loving wife to my husband and mother to my children.

Yesterday he spent some special time with his family.

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8)(8 said...

Sending love and prayers, Amy, for you and your family.

Lori said...

Praying with you, Amy. <3

Christine Smith said...

Prayers continue to be lifted up for each of you and will pray for Amy and Christine's safety home along with Rob's healing of the infection.