Thursday, August 2, 2012

Rob Update & Prayer Requests 8/2

Since the last update, Rob has gotten a haircut. Their hairdresser, Mrs. Jeanie, graciously came from Denham Springs to do it for him. Also, Amy has been able to take him out of the hospital to go for a meal at Superior Grill.
In physical therapy, they are working to strengthen what muscles he has. He has use of his bi-ceps but not his tri-ceps. Also, he has no finger movement. Therefore, he is still classified as a quadriplegic since he doesn't have full function of his arms. They continue to push him hard knowing he has a great attitude and willingness to work hard! These are some pictures that were taken at his physical therapy session recently. He is only able to do this for a few seconds.


Prayer Requests:
  • The children are returning home today (8/2) which presents new challenges for Amy. Pray specifically for
    • the transition to go smoothly
    • Amy to have extra patience as she deals with the children and Rob
    • obedience in the children as they return to Rob & Amy's authority
  • The blood clot is still in his leg. Pray that it will dissolve.
  • One of their biggest concerns right now is that they will have to purchase a new vehicle, a wheelchair acessible short bus. If you feel led to help defray some of the costs, please visit:
    Shelby Family Fund


adamtown64 said...

Praying for you guys.

Adam Town

8)(8 said...

Praying for all of you.