Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Quick Trip with Friends

On Friday, Jan 31st, Rob, Anna Claire, and I along with our friends, Craig, Candi, and their new baby, Maggie took a trip to Houston, TX.  It was a quick overnight trip to see Rob and Craig's old friend, Ted, get married.   We weren't sure if Ted was ever going to get married that day finally came.  

Rob, Craig, and Ted were buddies growing up.  Ted taught them how to iron (I mean really iron.  If you want the creases just right, they would be the ones you would want to take care if it for you!) He also taught them how to shop.  I mean dig and find great deals kind of shopping.  This was a plus for me because I dislike like it and they love it!!!

Ted was in our wedding and in Craig and Candi's wedding.  We are so thankful we were able to be apart of this special evening.

Candi is my closest friend but really she's more like my sister.  Her husband, Craig, grew up with Rob so they've known each for a very long time.  Here's Candi and I before the wedding.  
The vows (Ted and Anndra)

The whole wedding party 
(This was the biggest wedding and reception for Rob and I.)

Craig, Ted, and Rob

Old Friends

Rob, Anna Claire, and me 

Craig and Candi

The Travel Buddies

It was a fun getaway with friends.  Thanks to our friends the Slaytons and C-Gs for keeping our other children so we could go celebrate with our friends

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Anita said...

You'd never know looking at that last picture that you're missing another 16 children! :)