Monday, October 13, 2008

In the Boat with Daddy

While we were camping, Rob rented a boat for the day on Thursday to take the boys out on the lake. He brought his trolling motor and battery so that they would not have to paddle. He took Cai and Abram for a ride down the lake and took Cade, Ian, and Tate fishing. The two of us went for a ride later that day while the others were napping. (Yes, there were people sitting outside of our campsite watching our children while theirs were napping as well!)


Abram and Cai

Easing down the lake!

Here are some of our children and others with Laura waiting at the dock. Some of Laura's children were fishing while the others were watching.

Cade, Tate, and Ian getting ready to fish.

Cade is not very happy as you can see. He didn't want to use the crickets. They move too much. He ended up using the worms instead. I prefer crickets myself if I have to choose between crickets and night crawlers!

Rob taking a self photo of all of them together in the boat!


Cade looks much happier now.

Ian fishing.

Tater Bug!

By the way, no one caught any fish out in the boat. The boys did have fun with daddy and that's what counts!!

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Tracy said...

Looks like you had a great time and nice weather, thankfully!