Friday, April 9, 2010

Camping Trip ~ Day 2 – Part 2

After the egg hunt, our family went for a walk to check out the remnants of the old sugar mill and visitor center.  There’s not a lot left of the sugar mill especially after the hurricane.  P4010278 P4010294 P4010283

P4010287 P4010292

At the visitor center, we walked around looking at things about this area of Louisiana and the park.  The ranger came in while we were looking around and really took to our boys.  He started showing them all kinds of things. 

SDC15920 SDC15921 SDC15923

SDC15924 SDC15930

SDC15932 SDC15933

The ranger answered some questions about the baby gator.  We talked about Louisiana snakes and all the ones that they have seen in our yard.  Abram got to look into a microscope at butterfly wings.  The ranger also put some ditch water into a microscope that was hooked up to a television for them to see all of the microscopic critters in the water.  This was pretty neat! 

Then, he quizzed them about different skulls and wings.  Plus, he answered lots of other questions from the boys.  I was very impressed that the boys were able to answer the questions that they were asked.  At least I know they’re learning something…right!

SDC15934 SDC15935

SDC15937 SDC15939 SDC15940


After our time at the visitor center, we headed back to our camp site for lunch.

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Cinnamon said...

These camping trip memories will be the stories that are told around the table for years to come! I love it~