Saturday, April 10, 2010

Camping Trip ~ Day 2 – Part 3

After lunch, we put Asa, Sarah, and Emma down for a nap and left Cade hanging around so that I could go bike riding with Rob and some of the other boys.  This was really fun because I tend to stay around the site during nap times while everyone else goes sightseeing, bike riding, etc.  He was a good sport and was very willing to hang around so that Mommy could go have a little fun with Daddy.  Thanks Cade!!!

We went bike riding down one of the trails to the marshy boardwalk.  It was a very long boardwalk down the middle of a marsh with ducks and lots of snakes.  It had large binoculars at different piers for you to look out among the marsh.


(I know the picture above has Cade in it but it was taken during another time with Daddy.)

Here are a couple Cottonmouths swimming around.  Yuck!!!

P4010198  P4010202

P4010207 P4010208

P4010210 P4010218 P4010217

My Love and I

P4010223 After we left the boardwalk, we rode over to the beach.  We went wading in the water which was fun.  The boys loved “accidently” getting really wet;)

P4010230 P4010229 P4010232

P4010237 P4010235 P4010239


P4010247 P4010255


We headed back after the beach to make sure we went to relieve Cade before the little ones woke up.  On our way back, Rob told me he would go hold down the fort and let me go ride around to take some pictures.  It was a lot of fun.  I sure enjoyed riding bikes.  It’s been a LONG time since I’ve been bike riding so this was a treat.

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