Saturday, April 10, 2010

Camping Trip ~ Day 2 – Part 4

After nap time, Rob and I took the little ones to a playground area that was more age appropriate for them.  The playground right down from our campsite was fun but designed for bigger kids.  The older boys were out riding there bikes together or were playing down at the other playground.

You can tell that Emma and Sarah had a great time!

P4010299 P4010309 P4010307

 P4010304 P4010310

P4010312 P4010313

My crazy Cai

P4010315 P4010325

Some of the boys came over to visit for a few minutes while we were playing.

P4010316 P4010320

My Asa

He’s getting so big!  He had a great time and was such a good boy throughout the entire trip.  He just went with the flow.



At night, we would sit around the campfire with everyone and roast marshmallows and pop popcorn over the fire.  Lots of fun.

Are you getting tired of my pictures?  One more (short) post left:)

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