Tuesday, September 14, 2010

15 Week Check-up


Today, I went for my second prenatal check-up.  My blood pressure was great as always.  We heard the baby’s heartbeat which was 161 bpm.

I took all of the children with me and they did a great job.  The five oldest waited in the waiting area reading books or playing with little cars while the other three came with me.  The rooms are very small so it’s hard to fit us all in.  I asked the receptionist (while I was making my next appt.) if the boys did ok.  She said, “I didn’t even know they were there so they must have done good.”  Very thankful to hear that.

I’m feeling much better.  The nausea and tiredness are not at frequent which is great.  I’m getting back to my 2 mile walks.  Between construction, nausea, and tiredness, I hadn’t been walking as much.  Starting to show a little depending on what I’m wearing and what time of day you see me :)  I’m still able to wear my regular clothes which is nice. 

My next appointment is Tues., Oct,. 12th which will be for our ultrasound.  Hopefully, we will be able to find out whether it is a boy or girl.  The children are very excited about finding out.  Each one has their opinion on what they think the gender is for this baby.  Can’t wait to find out!


Kristal@knit1kids4.wordpress.com said...

Girl.... I'm voting for a girl!

Cinnamon said...

So excited for you! Children are a blessing aren't they? New little ones are an extra joy!