Monday, September 13, 2010

Construction Update ~ Wk 23

There are no pictures this week.  We started our new school year on Wednesday, Labor Day was Monday which included daddy at home and boys helping him with work around here, and 3 doctor appointments. on Tuesday so it was a busy a week. 

Our contractor finished up with our punch list and his obligations so he’s been paid and out of the picture.  Our vanities and tub surround were installed on Friday.  They were supposed to be installed on Thursday but they had to reschedule.  We had the plumbers scheduled for Friday but had to reschedule them until next week.  They are suppose to come out Monday or Tuesday to complete the plumbing for the house addition and the cottage shop.  Rob’s been painting as he gets a chance.  The tile came in so we have it here for him ready to install. 

After next week's update, I will probably not do anymore.  We will be getting a new garage door installed soon.  They are coming out next week for measurements and then they will schedule for installation.  Once it is installed, I will be able to do before and after pictures of the outside.  Plus, we will have the dumpster picked up and taken away for good.  The inside won’t be completely finished for a while so I won’t bore you with little updates about painting and floors.  Yes, I will do a post once it is finish for you to see the finished product inside.

Rob’s focus is the downstairs area right now due to the fact that his mom is moving in with us soon.  He with continue to work on the upstairs as he has time but October, November, and December will be really busy for him.  He will be starting is quarter rotation teaching the adult Sunday School class at church, two sermons to have prepared to preach in October, and we are teaching the children’s catechism class in the evening during that quarter (not to mention is other full time job).  He won’t have much extra time.  It will be a very busy time along with changes so you are more than welcome to pray for us during this season in our life.  


The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

I will miss the weekly updates. Glad everything is coming to an end with the house. Will be praying for you guys as you embark in this new time of having an extra person living in your house.

Jenn said...

Awww man!! I can't believe there won't be updates. Not really. I completely understand. I look forward to seeing the finished project. How exciting!!!

Cinnamon said...

Busy, busy, busy. You know one gift I wish I could give every Mama with lots of littles is a simple slide show of life 5 yrs from where they are. Then 10 yrs. Oh the blessings those little ones become. Their ability to help. How you depend on them so much. The fun of working with them. Life almost seems to easy with all those good helpers in a few years :-)

How exciting to read about the progress. I see so much getting done!!

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