Friday, September 10, 2010

Asa’s Party ~ Part 2

Last Saturday after Asa’s party (food, gifts, and cake), Rob and I along with our kids (except Asa and Ian who stayed back with my family) and Candy and her kids walked down the road to see the alligators.  Yes, we have some gators that live a little ways down from our house.  During the cooler months when we have more rain, our slough fills up down back behind our house and the water connects with the water where the gators live so I guess they could swim back into our yard at times.  However, we haven’t seen any yet!

P9030216 We saw this big spider on our way.

P9030222 Then, we saw this gator catching some rays on our way.

P9030224 This gator was swimming close to the dock area for our lookout before we got there.

P9030228 The lookout area

P9030233 P9030234

Hey, Mr. Gator!!!

P9030235 Can you see the two heads?


P9030249 Can you see the three heads?


P9030254 P9030257

Rob and Sarah


P9030262 P9030272

Heading back…Rob and his little girls

P9030283 The kids had a lot of fun seeing the gators and throwing pebbles in the water to make them think we had some food.  It did help to attract them closer to us.  Hopefully, they like their home and don’t want to come to mine!


The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

I am glad you guys had a good time with friends and family to celebrate Asa's birthday!

Cinnamon said...

That settles it. I am never ever coming to visit :-0 ~nervous smile~


Taryn said...

Alligators ~~ Uggh! Too close for me!!! But I bet the boys love it.