Monday, August 22, 2011

Our Family Vacation 2011 ~ Part 4

Tuesday, we set out for Mt. Jefferson State Natural Area to hike up and look over the city of West Jefferson, NC but first we stopped to eat lunch.

Here’s some of the gang while we were waiting for our food at Brickstone Pizza and Pasta.   The weather was so nice, we opted to eat outside on their patio area.


Abram says, “Yummy!”


The kids’ two pizzas

100_0239 100_0240

Rob and I got calzones.

(Caught me with my mouth full.)

IMG-20110809-00027 100_0241

The leftovers


After lunch, we drove up the mountain for a 2 mile hike up and around.

_8080223a SDC16329

Rob, Isaac, Asa, and I



Loving all of our photo opts;)

_8080225a _8080232a


_8080237a _8080239a

Sitting along the edge of the mountain while Daddy, Tate, Cade, and Ian go to a more dangerous spot.


Here they are:

_8080245a _8080249

I’m on top of the world;)

This was the opposite view from where the boys were standing in the pictures above.


Looking out

(Cai liked using his binoculars.)

_8080253a _8080255a

On our way again…

_8080257a  _8080260a

Sarah and Emma


Isaac hung out with daddy the whole time!


Sarah was getting tired!

_8080269a  _8080270a

Yay!  We made it.  Ready for some water.


This was in someone’s yard when we left the mountain.


Another fun day and memories made for our family:)

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The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

Leftovers with Ian around! I'm shocked! ;) (tell him I said so)

Another beautiful day out in God's creation! Who wouldn't be on the "top of the world" looking at His marvelous works!

The pictures are beautiful! Can't wait to see more pics!